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Who can Apply

The School of Global Leadership is a missions training school designed to train young people in a cross-cultural mission’s environment. This model for training requires that there already be a spiritual foundation that is ready to be built upon. Due to spiritual, emotional, and physical demands, a student will need to demonstrate a high level of maturity and come highly recommended from a leader, pastor, or mentor.

SGL will consider students to be eligible candidates if they have already demonstrated a passion for missions through experiencing at least one cross-cultural missions trip prior to applying to SGL.

The typical student will be a high school graduate with some type of discipleship training already completed such as: Master's Commission, Level One INSTE, some Bible college or specific discipleship training. This will be evaluated on a case by case basis. SGL by nature will provide some discipleship components. However, a prior measure of spiritual maturity will be needed for cross-cultural living, as well as living away from the comforts of home, family and friends.

What is SGL
Who Can Apply 
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