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1. Why are you interested in attending the School of Global Leadership?   
2. What passion has God placed in your heart for the world and where in the world would you like to take that passion?  
3. What concerns or fears do you have about living and ministering outside your home country?  
4. What type of Missions are you interested in?
5. Other ministry or non-traditional approaches you are interested in. Please explain.  
6. What people groups do you want to work with?
7. Do you speak any languages other than English?  
8. What church do you attend and what city is it in?   
9. Are you on Facebook?
10. Marital Status
Missions Experience
11. Have you traveled outside your home country?


Countries visited?

12. Have you traveled on any missions trips with your local church?


How many times?

What dates and length of stay?
13. What other missions experience do you have?   
Please make sure that you send a photo of yourself to info@sgl-trinidad.com.
I have completed this application with accurate and complete information to the best of my ability. I know that any false answers I submit on this application may result in immediate disqualification from admission.
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